Monday, April 29, 2013

Anime Blog 24-Dazzle

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Hello Internet World! Today's anime is Dazzle, AKA: Hatenkou Yuugi.

Dazzle follows a 14 year old girl named Rahzel and two guys named Alzeid and Baroqueheat. Now I will admit that the story can be a bit hard to follow because it's only 10 episodes and doesn't get very far but it is sad but in a cute way...if that makes sense. But yeah, I really enjoyed this one but I do wish that it had been a bit longer. Oh and it has REALLY pretty art!

(Left to Right: Baroqueheat, Rahzel, and Alzeid)
Time once again for pros and cons!

  • Pretty art
  • Sad but Cute storyline

  • A bit too short
  • Story can be hard to follow because too much was left out
Voila! The pros and cons are should still watch it though! I mean it's a Josei so it's technically made for older women but whatever!

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