Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anime Blog 23-Dash!

Hello internet! Sorry it's been so long, my laptop backlight broke and so I've been having to use the TV out in the living room as a screen! But anyways!!!

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Warning! This Animanga (moving manga panels with voice over) is considered Yaoi! (boyxboy)

Ok so normally moving manga panels aren't my favorite...but I thought this was so cute! The story is about 2 guys in their high school Judo club. I liked that the whole story was super-romantic but that it started out with reverance and later becomes a physical relationship. The art was surprisingly good and the story wasn't confusing at all, even though it was only 1 episode!

(Black Hair: Saitou, Brown Hair: Akimoto)

Time again for pros and cons!

  • Not confusing at all (amazing for a 1 episode anime)
  • Good art
  • Adorable story
  • That it was an animanga and not an would've been better as an anime...
Well that's all Folks!
Thanks for reading!
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