Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Anime Blog 25-Deadman Wonderland

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Hello again internet world! I have returned once more to blog about more anime. Today's anime is Deadman Wonderland, a 12 episode Shonen with an OVA (which is just one characters background).

So I watched Deadman Wonderland (henceforth referred to as DW) on Cartoon Network. I found that I really enjoyed DW if only for the awesomely violent backdrop that the story takes place on. The show was a bit confusing at first, but it's that "I'm confused but so is the main character, let's figure this out together" kind of confused. Also on a side note I love that Colleen Clinkenbeard plays Warden Makina...HUGE BOOBS! All I gotta say about that. But anyways I do like the art and Senji was my favorite character for some reason!

(L to R: Tamaki, You, Makina, Ganta, Shiro)
So it's time again for Pros and Cons

  • Colleen Clikenbeard
  • Awesome Storyline
  • Senji
            • I mean look at that face! Who can't love that!?
  • Too short, the end was abrupt and confusing
But honestly that's the only con! Hope y'all enjoy it!

Thanks for reading, Till next time

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