Friday, March 1, 2013

Anime Blog 21-Countdown to Delight

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WARNING! This is a Hentai! (AKA: Anime Porn)

So basically what I have to say about this one is simple... "Kid…Your whole life sucks. Your sister's girlfriend likes you, your best friend likes you and the one normal chick isn't normal. Funny though." And that is seriously my thoughts on the whole thing. The art was ok but wasn't the best (or worst).  It was also only 1 episode so confusing is a good description.


(Bottom Left: Yuji, Back Left: Emi, Middle: Eika, Back: Megumi, Bottom Right: Motoki)
Time for pros and cons:

  • Funny story
  • Not bad art
  • Confusing
Well I wasn't sure where to put the fact that it's hentai...not sure if that's a pro or a con. Same thing with it being uncensored...but whatever!

Thanks for reading!
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