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Anime Blog 35: Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two

Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two is a Shonen anime in two 12 episode parts (Ef: A Tale of Memories and Ef: A Tale of Melodies) that I watched Subbed.

So let me start out by saying that I absolutely ADORE this anime! And I'm not 100% sure's soooooo sad :( But at the same time, so beautiful! And the great part is that EVERYONE in both stories is connected in some way, shape, or form (whether through people, school, neighborhoods, etc)

So the show follows a number of different couples, some in Japan and some in Australia. The main couple's story  (Yu and Yuuko) is split between the two parts and they're trying to meet once more even though (SPOILER!?) Yuuko is a ghost.

I really loved the story of Renji and Chihiro. Because Chihiro can only remember 13 hours at a time because of an accident when she was younger and so every time they're together it's like meeting for the first time for her. It's so sweet...and so depressing.

I also love the story of Yu and Yuuko because it's really shown as flashbacks and it's so sad. He tried to save her. (I'm trying not to spoil things...why is that so hard!?).

And also the story of Shuichi and Mizuki...It's one of those younger girl falls for older guy stories...except with a sad twist...and the song that he plays on his violin is BEAUTIFUL! (here...I found it on YouTube)


So I should probably give you pictures of the couples so you can recognize the characters in the videos if you haven't seen the anime :D
(Yuuko and Yu)
(Miyako and Hiro)
(Kei and Kyosuke)
 (Renji and Chihiro)
(Mizuki and Shuichi)
Ha ha! Found them all! Amazingly, good pictures of KeiXKyosuke and MizukiXShuichi were hard to find! But whatever. So there's going to be lots of stuff on this blog because I also love the imagery of the openings.
Ef: A Tale of Memories:
Ef: A Tale of Melodies:
 So for pros and cons.

  • Beautiful art
  • Beautiful music
  • Depressingly beautiful storyline
  • Great characters
  • Sad
That's it, I can't think of anything else that's bad about this anime.

Well, thanks for reading!
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