Sunday, June 21, 2015

Anime Blog 69: Kachou no Koi

Here's that YAOI warning!

Alright. So I watched this 3 years ago so I'm a little rusty on it. But I do recall that it was a Flash Animation and it was only 1 episode.

The story follows Odakara (the boss) who is over 30 and has never had a girlfriend. The company hires a new guy named Harada and it's due to this guy that Odakara realizes he's gay. The two start a relationship and I recall the episode being cute but I've mentioned that I make notes on my list about shows right? My comment was: " So bad it was good" yeah...

So the art is ok...
Harada (back) and Odakara (front)
So yeah.

Pros and Cons:

  • Yaoi (as always)
  • Cute story
  • The doggone squirrel!
  • Funny
  • Flash Animation...
  • Not very memorable...
So all together. It's cute and funny so if you like Yaoi, it's short and not hard to watch. You'll at least get a good laugh :D

Thanks for reading! Until Next Time!


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